How to Treat & Control Oily Skin

How to Treat and Control Oily Skin

How to Treat and Control Oily SkinOily skin type needs special treating and attention. Using special products and by creating special skin care routine you can control oily skin and keep it looking good. In this article we share with you how to treat and control oily skin.

Products for oily skin have to take proper care of your skin and have healing properties, read our recommendations for oily skin:

* Use face cream for oily skin, they contain less than 30% oily substances or are oil-free
* Use oily (antibacterial) skin toner after washing face (and during the day to refresh face), if you are planning to use skin toner that contains alcohol, it can’t exceed 10% of product’s content
* Use matting cream during the day and cream regulating sebaceous glands functioning at night
* Use gel or cream around eyes and nourishing cream for neck
* Use skin peeling and cleansing mask once a week
* Use UVA and UVB filters in the summer
* If you do not have problems with blood pressure and dilated blood vessels, you can use sauna
* Provide your skin with enough oxygen
* Do always cleanse your face off makeup
* Use mineral water to wash your face

Oily Skin Care Prohibitions

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