Gothic eye make up-Be Bold

Goth makeup is characterized by smooth, silky-white skin and powerful dark eyes and lips. Whether you are just trying out a goth look or are trying to perfect your current style, learning to apply eyeliner can add a lot to your shadowy eyes. A few tips can get you started.
Things You’ll Need:

* Black liquid eyeliner
* Small angled brush
* Foam-tipped buffer


Apply your eyeliner only after you have completed the shadow on your eyes. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry so that you do not smudge your shadow powder when applying the liner.


Use a liquid liner instead of a pencil eyeliner. Because your goth look is characterized by a deep, dark crease in the upper eye, your eyeliner needs to really pop so it adds dimension and draws attention to your eye color. Liquid liner tends to go on smoothly and easily and is more sharp than a pencil.

Select a small angled brush for applying your liquid eyeliner instead of the soft brush that is included in the tube. A small angled brush is easier to control and will help to ensure a perfect line the first time. Apply your liner as fast as possible, since the makeup tends to dry quickly.


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