Best Makeup Colors For Your Eyes

Best Makeup Colors For Your Eyes

Best Makeup Colors For Your EyesIt said that the eyes are the window to one’s soul. In order to enhance their beauty, you should know what makeup will create a harmonius contrast with the color of your eyes. If you are not sure what colors work best for your eye makeup, check out a few basic tips on finding the most flattering color palette.

Whenever applying makeup you should never forget that light colors brighten and make eyes appear bigger, while dark colors frame and define. Also, if you want to place emphasis on your eyes, always keep the rest of your makeup more natural choosing neutral shades for the lips and cheekbones.

Black works for every eye color, as well as khaki and navy blue that are used to boost the color of the iris. These shades will create a dark frame that will bring out both the white of the eyes and the lighter color flecks of the iris, creating a universally flattering contrast on all eye colors and skin types.

Brown eyes are better emphasized by shades of green and blue, but also bronze, gray and dark violet. Your hues are: blue and brown, plum, vanilla, shades of purple and violet. A soft smokey eyes makeup using tones of bronze, brown and pinks will make your eyes pop.

For subtle daytime makeup looks choose lighter shades such as light pinks, peach, taupe or brown that will open up and bring luminosity to your eyes. Finish off the look with a soft brown eyeliner and a brown/clear mascara. For more drama, darker eyeshadows and glittery eyeliners in silver, gold or purple would be the best choice.

To bring out the best from your brown colored iris, avoid turquoise and blue-green tones. Instead, go for matte sky- or navy-blues. Vibrant, deep blues will enhance the golden flecks found in the pigmentation of your iris. Avoid all black smokey eyes and soften up dark makeup using browns, plum tones or charcoal. For smokey eyes use gray eyeshadows.

To bring out green colored eyes, shades of brown, plums, lilac or dark greens work beautifully. Taupe or gold is a good choice for evening makeup for green eyes. Blues, some tones of pink, white and silver won’t do anything in particular for green eyes. Jet black eyeliners are universally flattering on all irises, but for green eyes warm colors, such as brown, gold, bronze, plum or dark gray can be a great alternative to black liner.

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green with golden or even blue flecks scattered in the iris. Hazel eyes seem to change their color influenced by the different colors placed next to them. There are many makeup colors suitable for hazel eyes, but it really depends on which colors you want to bring out from the eyes themselves. To enhance the browns, use colors suitable for brown irises, and bring out the green use the color palette for green eyes.

Blue eyes don’t need any artificial means to emphasize their beauty, but the best choices is various shades derived from the color orange. Blue eyes are best brought out also using shades that come in contrast with your eye color such dark browns, gray, taupe, charcoal, pink, violet, lilac, silver or gold. Be bold and choose yellow in order to really brighten up the eyes.

Avoid using blue eyeshadows unless they’re dark; same applies when choosing eyeliner shades. Tones of charcoal, dark green, brown or dark blue are the best options for pretty blue eyes.

It said that black eyes are rare and are often taken for dark brown eyes. If you have black eyes, you are the luckiest girl ever as you can play with pretty much the whole color spectrum. Feel free to experiment with soft pinks during the day and bold and bright looks in the evening. Enhance your black eyes using dark colors such as navy-blue, dark gray, dark mauve or black. Still, if you are not into dark eyeshadow colors, you can choose any shade you like as the chromatics of the iris, eyelashes and eyebrows allows you to.

If black eyes are rare, gray eyes are exceptions. Make gray eyes pop by wearing dark gray, charcoal and silver eyeshadows. For more youthful eye makeup opt for blue, turquoise, pink or lilac.


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