Fashion makes its debut in Multan

Fashion makes its debut in Multan

It was fashion galore in southern Punjab as students of a private university dazzled audiences with a glamorous fashion show that brought together designers from all parts of the country.

The show, which was titled Behind the Seams, was the first of its kind in the history of southern Punjab and consisted of a display of international cultures.

“There were lots of different themes presented. Today we can see the scope of fashion designing and modelling in Multan,” said one of the teachers, Ali Imran.

Amidst the conservative environment of southern Punjab, creativity, hilarity and some serious project management skills went hand in hand as student teams took on the task of creating their own fashion labels. Each team used the wealth of resources at hand to create, design and then manufacture catwalk worthy creations. They scripted, choreographed and staged their own fashion show, complete with music, commentary and their own hand-picked catwalk models.

Nouman, a student and fashion designer, said: “My collection was based on the safari theme. I have used palm leaves and tiger and zebra skins.”

The show included themed dance performances. About 60 models performed on more than 12 themes which included humming birds, Egyptian, Turkish and Chinese cultures, the subcontinent, Sufism, Kailash, safari, Umrao Jaan Ada, the sea, Arabian nights etc.

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