Flat Irons

Flat Irons

Flat IronsIs your straightening iron an integral part of your life? It is difficult to stop once you use it and see that sleek sexy flowing hair. The type of flat iron you use can be ceramic, thermal, metal, ionic etc.; but any of them can hurt your hair with too much use or inappropriate use. The tips of your hair will stay too dry because of the heat and may break down.

Some of the tips you can use in keeping your hair from damage while using a flat iron.

– If you keep your flat iron always clean, that will keep your hair more healthy and increase the life of your iron as well.

– If you apply a good styling aid before you blow dry, that will get rid of frizz. Sealed Ends by BC Bonicure is one of the best products out there to seal the tips of your hair and keeping frizz away. Apply this once you have blow dried your hair and frizz will stay away.

– Learn how to use it properly. Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to handle.

– First comb the section of your hair before you run the iron on it.

– Never use any hair products until you have straightened your hair completely.

– Apply the iron on smaller areas. This will give you better results by getting you lighter and flatter hair.

– Keep constant pressure and never stop at any part on the way, while running the flat iron from the bottom of your hair to the tip.

– It would give better results if you use a wide bristle brush to brush your hair in to your desired shape.

– If there is still any frizz remaining, you can smoothen it with the application of a little bit of a light weight serum.

– Once the iron cools down, use a piece of cloth to clean it so as to keep it ready to go for the next time.


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