Eyeliner application for evening and day makeup

Day make-up with eyeliner Eyeliner lends itself perfectly to everyday make-up. For day make-up, choose a liquid pen-style eyeliner for a thin, precise and neat line. You can also achieve this with a finely sharpened kohl pencil. The way you apply your eyeliner depends on the shape of your eyes: – If your eyes are round: emphasize the eye … Read more

The Right Makeup for Any Workplace

The Right Makeup for Any Workplace

Letting natural beauty show is always a good choice, especially in the workplace. Using minimal makeup in natural shades can convey a poised, confident demeanor and highlight a woman’s natural beauty. Foundation The makeup experts at Cover Girl suggest dotting concealer onto trouble areas before applying foundation that closely matches … Read more

Tools You Need for Your Makeup Application

There are so many different beauty and makeup tools on the market and it can become confusing what brush, sponge or stick to use for what. This article will look at just a handful of tools. Over time you will find out the ones that work for you. You can … Read more