Secrets of Using Eyeliner Pencil

Secrets of Using Eyeliner Pencil

Secrets of Using Eyeliner PencilEyeliner become an important weapon in the woman gives the impression of larger eyes and beautiful.

But still many are not skilled at using eyeliner, it is proved by the frequent still eyeliner are applied unevenly and even forming a black smudge like panda eyes.

Besides the inappropriate use of eyeliner will make eyeliner quickly disappear and only black marks on your eyes.

There is a special trick in using eyeliner, especially eyeliner pesil shaped. Obviously when you use liquid eyeliner, panda eye effect will not you get – but it appears likely to be more difficult to remove.

At times you will use a pencil eyeliner, wear carefully when it will form a line on your eye. Then use powder eyeshadow with a special brush and make bold your eyeliner.

This is done to make your eyeliner stay in place and does not leave stains such as panda eyes. Viola, you will have a beautiful eyeliner makeup.


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