Funky Nail Art Trends

Digital Nail Art PainterWe often consider our nails as just a simple part of our hands and feet. But with nail art becoming popular among the middle class, it’s changing everyone’s perspective and ordinary people are beginning to appreciate the artistic beauty of creative nail arts.

Funky Nails

Just paint the town in the color you want to, go ahead and have a blast.

Nail art

  • First apply a Crystal Clear, (Wear Extraordinaire) shade or Top Coat, this prevents staining the nails.
  • Deeply Red, was used as a base coat for nails on both hands.
  • On the left hand – The thumb is painted with Abrupt, and Jet, the pointer with Jet, the index finger with Brisk. The ring finger with Fatigues, (Wear Extraordinaire) and the little finger with Abrupt, and Brisk.
  • On the right hand – The thumb is painted with Jet, the pointer with Zippy the index finger with Brisk, the ring finger with Pearly Whites, (Wear Extraordinaire) and the little finger with Boogie, After you’ve adorned your nails, apply Crystal Clear, this prevents your nail colors from chipping and peeling. If your nails are weak, use a nail hardener

Funky Ten Commandments

Here’s a crazy option to contrast the classic look! Paint you nails with any wild color, may be a purple or blue. Or just to be absolutely different and don’t have the patience to create a special look on each nail, take the easy way out. Just paint each nail with a different color.

The Top hand – Starting from the thumb, Jet is painted on, then Departure, Wild Grape, and finishing off with Deeply Red, The Lower hand – Starting from the thumb Departure, Deeply Red.

Purple Maze

Here’s a crazy option to contrast that classic look! Paint your nails in a haze of lilac.


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  1. i have my own nail art designs i make and all my friends love them! i usually use whit & silver w/ sparkles.

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