Ghajini in court again

It’s arguably the biggest box office hit of 2008 but the recently released Ghajini is kicking up quite a storm. A storm that has ended it up in the Bombay High Court.

According to the petitioner Pratibha Nathani, the Aamir Khan starrer is sending out a wrong message. She says scenes of naked rage could have a destructive effect on impressionable young minds.

Hence Nathani has urged the court to change the film’s rating from “U/A” to “Adult.” “It is not only violent but the kind of violence that is shown against a woman is quite explicit. She is shown in the pool of blood after her head is hit, it is very objectionable. There are incidents in the film, which hurt you,” said Pratibha Nathani, Petitioner and social activist.

It’s a view that some parents agree with. Like Sibil Jhaveri, who has watched the film but says she will not allow her children to see it. That is the reason why television in her home is strictly regulated.

“Ratings don’t matter, parents should be the judge. When you see the promos on television you know how violent the film is going to be,” said Sibil Jhaveri.

After reviewing Ghajini, the censor board did delete some scenes that were part of the original Tamil film. It was only then it was given the U/A certificate. The censor board still maintains that the film can be watched under parental guidance.

“We felt that the violence in this film was normal the way you find in other Hindi films, where a hero goes on to smash 50-60 people alone. So it was granted U/A certificate. It wasn’t that explicit or gruesome. Two of three scenes which we found gruesome have already been deleted,” said Vinayak Azad, Regional Officer, Central Board of Film Certification.

The film is based on the Hollywood psychological thriller Memento. But Bollywood being Bollywood, Ghajini’s producers have thrown in a liberal dose of blood and gore.

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