Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

Home Staging TipsThe art of getting a home ready to sell it in the real estate market with special emphasis on the appearance and decoration of the home is called home staging. There is no doubt in the fact that if you have to sell your home you will have to make it look good to the buyers. And this is exactly what home staging teaches you. However, there is a basic difference between preparations required for sale of your home and home staging. While home staging refers to the decoration of your home before sale, the essential repairing work that needs to be done to make the home suitable to live in cannot fall under the concept of home staging. It is said that home staging not only helps in selling a home, it also determines the price of the sold home. The better your home staging, the higher the price you will get for your home. So, follow the tips given below and adorn your house.

Staging Your Home
Items Used For Home Staging

Indoor and outdoor plants
Artificial flowers
Floor and table lamps
Large beds
Small love seats
Small tables and chairs
Pillows or cushions

General Tips

During home staging remember that you should decorate not only the exterior, but also the interiors of your home.
It would be great if you brought some of the exterior decoration inside your home. Greenery in the form of indoor plants are a must.
The furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is still ample space to walk around the home.
Special attention should be given to the decoration of the bathroom and the kitchen.
If your home has a backyard or a garden, you need to keep them in a neat and proper condition. The shrubbery in the garden should not be allowed to grow more than what looks pleasing to the eye. Introduce colorful potted plants in your backyard. Also make arrangements for a dining set in the backyard so that you can have dinner if you so please.

Staging Your Home Kitchen
The kitchen is often the most used and abused space in a house. Therefore, the furniture in the kitchen tends to get worn out faster than those in other rooms. You need to decorate your kitchen well before you plan to sell your house. While decorating the kitchen remember to:

Polish the walls of all kitchen cabinets. You can use orange oil which is very effective in bringing back the shine of the kitchen furniture including all cabinets and walls.
Decorate your kitchen space with natural ingredients like bright colored fruits placed in good looking bowls on the kitchen slabs.
Interesting cookbooks may also be placed on the kitchen counters.

Staging Your Home Bathroom

The bathroom should not only be clean, it should also look spacious and be well ventilated.
A great idea to make your bathroom look appealing to a buyer is to place baskets filled with exotic toiletries in different shelves. For instance you can place items such as colorful homemade soaps, facial kits and other spa products in separate baskets.
The towel should also be paced in a strategic position and preferably tied with a ribbon to give an interesting look.

Home staging may sometimes be quite expensive. Some people also hire professional home stagers prior to selling their homes. But following these tips and tricks for home staging can get you the highest bid for your home, without hiring professionals.


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