Honey facial mask and honey effects on face

Honey facial mask and honey effects on face

Honey facial mask and honey effects on faceThis honey facial is recommended for making your skin soft and moist. Agar agar- a gelatin made from vegetables is widely used for dry skin facials.

To check whether agar agar causes allergy mix it with crushed honey dew and put it on your wrist. After waiting for a while wash it and check after 24 hrs if there is any irritation on your skin. If yes, then do not go ahead with this facial or skip the steps which use the ingredients from which you have allergy.

Please note that something which suits one person might not suit the other so it is always advisable to mix a sample batch and test it on wrist before putting on your face.

If your skin is fine you can go ahead and use a new pack of agar agar and a new honeydew melon for making ready your honey facial mask.

Honey mask remedy preparation Steps:

Clean your hands with water and soap.
After washing all utensils and equipments used for facial, sterilize them properly with boiling water. Avoid using glass items as they may crack causing injuries with splinters. Plastics can also melt when boiled so be careful about that. We must ensure that all surfaces used in preparation of facial must be clean as hygiene is most important in case of

How to make honey mask at home?
For making the honey dew mask, first of all blend about 4 teaspoons of honey dew and add it to a mix of 2 teaspoons agar agar powder, and a quarter cup of boiling water. After stirring it properly, allow it to cool.

Getting ready to have Honey facial at home:
For avoiding hair to come on your face wear a shower cap or a hair band. A clean towel, few cotton pads and a tablespoon of milk must be kept ready by your side. Dip two sterilized cotton pads in rose water. This makes you ready to start your facial.

How to apply honey facial mask naturally at home?

Step 1:
Use a mild soap and water for washing your face.
Step 2:
Wipe it dry with a clean towel.
Step 3:
Now check the temperature of the pack and when it is at comfort level with your skin, apply the honey mask on your face. You should feel the effect as you steam your face with a hot towel. Be careful about avoiding your eyes.
Step 4:
Cover your eyes with cotton pads soaked in rosewater.
Step 5:
While the pack dries on your face, make yourself comfortable.
Step 6:
Now, take off the pads from your eyes.
Step 7:
Now, remove the mask from your face by peeling it off and wash off the sticky remains with plenty of water.
Step 8:
Use cotton pads dipped in rosewater to further clean and tone your facial skin.
Moisten your face with a moisturizer of your choice.


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