How to buy Skirts

Designer Sanam Agha’s expert advice about buying skirts

What are the five key things to look for in a skirt?

Firstly, it should fit properly. Secondly, the length of the skirt should depend on your figure and leg-size. Thirdly, one should look out for seasonal colors in skirts. It should be worn according to an occasion. And lastly, never buy a cheap fabric as far as skirts go, because once you dry-clean them, the fabric shrinks- and then they are of no use.

What colours should you own skirts in?

My staple colors are black and red. But you can have a white one too and even a multicolored skirt.

What is the biggest fashion mistake people make here with wearing skirts?

When people don’t adjust or wear a skirt according to one’s body figure. The length and the fit of the skirt matters the most.

What’s an appropriate skirt length for work?

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