How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye BagsDoes anything tell the world that you are tired and old as much as saggy, baggy under eye bags? Probably not. Given that our eye area is one of the first or most noticed areas of our face, it’s particularly important that we keep that area in tip-top shape – which means that any under eye bags have to go! If you are trying to get rid of those under eye bags but haven’t had any success, try these simple tips that you can start to implement today to refresh your look.

Give Yourself a Massage

One of the reasons why we develop under eye bags is because the area is not being stimulated enough. Take your index fingers and then gently massage the skin around your eye area. This will help increase both the blood flow and the flow of fluids in the area, which in turn will reduce the appearance of your under eye bags.

Eat Fresh

Eating fresh foods rather than those loaded with salt – which causes our whole body to bloat, including our eye area – will greatly reduce your under eye bags and puffiness. Drinking a large quantity of fruit juices that aren’t loaded with sugars will also help flush out all of the toxins and the excess salt and sodium from our system.

If you can handle the taste, lemon juice is the best juice to drink to help prevent bloating (add a tablespoon of honey if you are finding it too difficult to drink). Make sure that all juices you make are fresh and made by you and are not store bought. Store bought juices tend to be loaded with sugars which will not help reduce your under eye bags.

Use Papaya

Papaya is great for a number of different skin issues, but under eye bags is definitely its forte. Take a papaya and then mash it. Collect the juice, and then gently apply the juice right around your eye area (use a patting motion so as to not damage the skin around the eyes). The beta carotene in the papaya will help heal all eye problems, including under eye bags, and it will help repair any facial tissues that may be helping create the under eye bag problem.

Eye Creams

Eye creams have been proven to be effective, and are definitely worth trying before you take a drastic and serious step towards surgical removal of your under eye bags. You will want to choose creams that have particular substances in them.

These products all offer different benefits for the eye area. Eyeliss will infuse any skin it is applied upon with peptides which then help strengthen any weak skin cells and flush out any excess water.


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