Homemade Eye Creams

Homemade Eye Creams

Homemade Eye CreamsNatural solutions using the ingredients from the kitchen shelf are the alternative to the chemically produced expensive eye creams. No need for eye creams when the eye masks are used. The eye masks are effectual for reducing the eye wrinkles, dark circles and eye puffiness.

Eye masks are the natural solution for eye creams. These masks play a vital role in making eyes healthy and well nourished. It assists in reducing dark circles, under eye soft lines, crow feet wrinkles and puffy eyes etc. These can be used twice or thrice in a week for giving deep rest to the eyes.

Almond Oil for Eyes and Wrinkles
Using the index finger tip of both hands apply almond oil to both eyes simultaneously. Under the eyes and edges of the corners must be given more attention as these are the areas most prone to wrinkles. Move the finger tip in anti-clockwise direction. Keep the hand very gentle and soft. Do it for 5 minutes. Later lie down and relax for another 10 minutes. Then after clean the eye with normal tap water and pat dry the eyes with soft cotton napkin. Ensure not to rub the eyes. This remedy fulfills the nutritive requirements of eyes as well as helps in reducing wrinkles by restoring the skin””””s elasticity

Rose Water Soothes the Tired Eyes
Dip the thin cotton pad in rose water and put it on the closed eyelids. Stretch out and relax. Rose water calms down the eyes and pulls out all the stress. It can be used anytime for example after applying any facial mask, while taking the nap or resting for couple of minutes. It is safe to use everyday as well. Whenever the eyes feel tired or burning sensation just use this remedy.

Chilled Spoons Treats Age Lines around Eyes
Keep two stainless steel teaspoons in freezer for 10 minutes. Then after take one spoon and rotate it on the eye corners and under the eyes. Keep doing it till the spoon is chilled. Later use other spoon for second eye in same way as for the first eye. The chilled spoons can be used unlimited times. It relaxes the tired eyes and helps in reducing the eye soft lines present at the corners and under the eyes.

Honey and Potato Mask Home Remedy for Crows Feet and Dark Circles
Grate one potato and mix one teaspoon olive oil in it. Divide the mixture into two portions and keep it aside. To use this remedy for reducing the crow feet wrinkles and black circles first dab honey very well on the eyes including the corners and under eyes. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then after put one portion of grated potato on one eye and other on the second eye. Lie down and relax for next 15 minutes. Subsequently, remove the potato mask and clean the honey from the eyes. Use it on alternate days for best results.

Relax Eyes with Cucumber
Slice the cucumber as thin as possible. Then place the slice on the eye next to one another giving the shape of a flower. Spray little roe water on it and relax for 15 minutes in this position. Later remove the cucumber slice and wipe the eyes with cotton ball dipped in normal water. Cucumber juice helps the eyes to lighten up.

All these are general eye masks that shall suit for one and all. Use it and let the eyes unwind to feel fresh. This beauty tips really works. Make it part of your daily beauty regimen today!


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