How to Mix Toner

How to Mix Toner

How to Mix TonerFacial toner is a soothing liquid that helps to remove dirt and excess oil as well as hydrating the skin. Most toners are either water- or alcohol-based, but can contain other acne-fighting or cleansing ingredients, such as witch hazel or benzoyl peroxide. In addition to cleaning the skin, toner also helps to shrink pores, reduce oil secretion and improve blood circulation. A good daily skincare routine begins with a gentle cleanser, followed by toner, then moisturizer. Rose water toner can be used on all types of skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Remove all of the petals from the roses. Place them into a saucepan.

Fill the saucepan with enough distilled water to cover the petals. Place the dish or bowl directly into the saucepan to flatten the petals.

Bring the water to a simmer on the stove over low heat. When oil droplets become visible in the water, after about 40 minutes, remove the pan from flame.

Let the mixture cool completely. Pour the now-oily water through a strainer to catch the rose petals. Pass all of the liquid through the strainer and into a separate jar or container. You can also extract the remaining oil from the petals and add it to a jar by squeezing them with your fingers or pressing down on them with a spoon. After you have extracted the oil from the petals, discard them.

Cover the jar and store it in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.


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