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Watermelon Skin Toner recipe

Frozen cubes of watermelon juice, basil and camphor which acts as a toner. So the next time you come from outdoors just rub a frozen cube on your face and feel the freshness. Things you’ll need: 1/2 glass watermelon juice 4-5 basil leaves A pinch of camphor Method: Mix all … Read more

6 Highly Effective Black Skin Acne Treatments

6 Highly Effective Black Skin Acne Treatments

Black skin acne treatments are generally similar to acne treatment for people of lighter tones, with the exception that more care needs to be put into choosing medicinal products for treatment. Here are some pointers for treating darker skin affected by acne: Acne Treatments for Black Skin… Use a topical … Read more

Beauty Products For Men Grooming

Five Beauty Products Men Should use

Though the beauty market is changing, it is still seen as slightly effeminate if a man uses beauty products, unless he’s George Clooney, in which case all that mascara is fine. (George Clooney is so wearing mascara in many of his pictures, he has lashes that supermodels would cave his … Read more