How to Overcome Stress

Health Tips and Technics - How to Overcome STRESS

Health Tips and Technics - How to Overcome STRESSSTRESS cannot be done away unless the cause itself is removed. Good health and stress free life is all that one craves for. According to the American Dietary Association, the main hazard of stress is not that we need more nutrients, but that anxiety or pressure can cause us to neglect proper dietary habits. Prolonged periods of stress lead to depletion of Vitamin C, B and D. Food changes our brain chemistry in a way that it influences our moods.

The key to our emotion lies in certain chemicals in the blood stream. These are called neuro-transmitters. These are produced from the nutrients in the food. Hence, the need for nutritious and balanced diet is a must to free our self from the physical and mental diseases and relieve stress. A balanced diet should be defined from the nutritional point of view. As one which contains different types of food in such qualities and proportions; the micro-nutrients like minerals and vitamins and macro nutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates is adequately met. And a small provision is made for extra nutrient to withstand short duration of leanness (infections in the body).


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