Some Tips For Care Of The Feet

Foot Care Tips

Some Tips For Care Of The FeetMany men are attracted to women’s feet, especially when they are groomed and perfumed. But we also support your feet all day and need proper care to stay healthy.

For these reasons it is essential to treat and pamper your feet, offering the best treatments to achieve beautiful feet and fit. The arrangements for standing always at the top are really simple and only take a few minutes each day to achieve the ends always in order. Here are tips for beautiful and healthy feet.

The Soothing Footbath
For beautiful feet and in shape is important to do regular foot bath with sea salt, perfect for eliminating the swelling, mixed with baking that softens skin and essential oils that scent the feet.

Scrub for Feet
Even the scrub for the feet is essential, especially on the heels: Use a pumice stone or a mixture of coarse salt and olive oil. A good way to get heels and beautiful is to use the pumice stone, not only after the footbath, but every time you shower.

The Hydration of the Feet
After the foot bath or shower, apply a good moisturizer on your feet and silky, with a circular massage. Your feet will be much softer and relaxed, thanks to the relaxing massage.

Defeat the Foot Sweat
If your feet sweat a lot and what ails you, whenever you can sprinkle with a little ‘talcum powder, especially when using the shoes without socks. When you put low-cut shoes, but closed as the dancers, use of special socks for them to meet the foot and do not sweat excessively.

Enough of the Bad Smell!
Do you want to permanently solve the problem of bad smell? Send away the “stench of feet” is very simple: Buy an air freshener mint, that’s great also the cheapest, and Spray every morning and also on the feet in shoes you wear. Or you can make an effective natural deodorant DIY feet and shoes. Guaranteed results!

Tips for Blisters and Bubbles
Finally, to avoid painful blisters, when you put your high heels or shoes very uncomfortable use of protective pads silicone: Feel like you’re walking on a cloud and your feet will be protected from blisters and bubbles.

The more ideas
Use sunscreen even on foot, during the summer: it’s easy to forget that even the skin of the feet is delicate and you may get burnt!


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