How to stay beautiful in the summer

Summer is approaching and it’s time to flaunt your curves! Keep all wool socks and winter coats in the back of your closet and replace them with bright tops, shorts and a whole lot of the attitude of summer. But before going to the beach, there are several summer beauty … Read more

Beauty Products For Men Grooming

Five Beauty Products Men Should use

Though the beauty market is changing, it is still seen as slightly effeminate if a man uses beauty products, unless he’s George Clooney, in which case all that mascara is fine. (George Clooney is so wearing mascara in many of his pictures, he has lashes that supermodels would cave his … Read more

Great Tips for Quick Skin Fixes-Be Gorgeous

Dark circles under eyes
If you have dark circles under the eyes you should use a concealer with a pink, peachy or yellow undertone to neutralize the blue and the green in circles. Avoid using plum, purple or red shades of shadow.
Dull complexion
If your complexion looks dull you should wet a facecloth with warm water and squeeze on lime juice. Press on to your face for a few minutes. Repeat it three/ four times to make skin glow.