Is Kajal A Dangerous Beauty Product

Is Kajal A Dangerous Beauty Product

Is Kajal A Dangerous Beauty ProductIf ever you open a woman’s bag, the first thing you would notice is the beauty products. It is quite natural for a lady like you and me to carry around beauty products like that of lipstick, eye shadow, concealers and of course, kajal! A woman will never leave her home without kajal in her eyes. It is said to define her beauty making her sparkle and glow with nature.

As per many false reports, it was said that kajol has a lot of side effects like that of loosing ones eye sight and becoming a victim of frequent eye allergies! But, recent reports confirm that Kajal is indeed a beauty product which not only enhances ones beauty but also helps to make the eyes bright!

As a user, I personally feel that if I do not wear kajal, my eyes feel tired and more or less I have that pale look which removes that evergreen glow God has given me. Let me thus enlighten you on the ‘good’ effects of kajal as well as the bad effects.

It is said that using kajal helps to make your eyes seem bright, thus adding to that extra glow on your face. In the Muslim community, parents use kajal on their new born children in order to caste away evil eyes as it resembles purity!.It is also applied to the child’s eye to add in beauty. A Known fact about the good effect on kajal is that they help to cure eye ailments too, but some believe that this beauty product is the cause of conjunctivitis and eye irritation!

When asked a few of my friends on what they think of this beauty product, they came about with positive results like that of , it is good for the eyes, it takes away the puffiness from the eye and it helps in making you look gorgeous, which indeed is proved true, putting all bad affects of kajal to rest!

Keep in mind that when you use kajal, see to it you do not share from it person top person and that the point of the kajal does not contain any dust particles which is the cause of the eye infection!


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