Kailash Kher Live in Concert on 14 April in Karachi

Kailash Kher Live in Concert [14th April]

Yellow Butterfly and the Medical Aid Foundation supported by Metallic Studio Presents, An International Bollywood Icon KAILASH KHER LIVE IN CONCERT for the 1st Time in KARACHI ON

14TH April 2012

*Raising funds for building a cancer hospice is our aim.

*The purpose of the event is to provide fun and entertainment to Karachi.

*90 minutes LIVE performance by the well known artist ‘Kailash Kher’.

*Focused on the existing and potential customer segment for branding

*Secure Venue.

*Magnificent stage with original and innovative set design supported by state of the art audio and visual technological systems.

Expected crowd of approximately 2000 people.
Pass Details:
Kailash Kher Live in concert on 14th April 2012
Single Pass: Rs. 3,500
Student Pass: Rs. 2,999 School or college id to be shown on purchase.
Lounges for 10 ppl :150,000/1,25000/100,000
(Limited Time Offer!!!)
FROM: Agha;s ,Buttler chocolate,Espresso shabaz,Naheed store
Get hold of your ticket now!


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