Keeping Your Feet BareFoot Beautiful

Keeping Your Feet Beautiful

Keeping Your Feet BareFoot Beautiful From wearing flip flops, clogs, sneakers without socks or jogging or roller blading along the beach to get your butt and thighs and butt in shape, you may in fact have a great looking pedicure and some noteworthy assets, but some sorry looking blistered feet.

Blisters are quite common and can be cause by anything from ill-fitting shoes to moisture and sweat (or both) that cause friction resulting in unsightly (and often painful) sores.

Keep your feet blister free by:

Sprinkling shoes with powder to keep them dry

Rub problem-prone areas like heels with Vaseline

Apply antiperspirant on extra sweaty feet (that didnt fully respond to powder) before a walk or hike. Not only will your feet be free of blisters, but will smell nice too.

Once out and about and you feel a blister forming, take off your shoe an cover area with a Band-Aid, so make sure you have plenty with you.


1. Remove any chipped nail varnish on your toes.
2. File off any dead skin, because it only looks disguisting.
3. Fill a bowl with warm water or a bubble bath of your choice. Dip your feet in and relax as your feet become soft and smooth.
4. Take your feet out and pat dry with a towel.
5. Massage your feet with a moisturizer or lotion.
6. Trim your nails if necessary. Especially your big toe. File them carefully so that they are smooth.
7. Paint them with clear nail varnish, or a color of your choice.
8. Put on lots of moisturizer/lotion, and then slip on a pair of cotton socks. Your feet will have never felt so good! Or, put on lots of Vaseline on your feet and slip on some 100% cotton socks.


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