Know The Best Snack on Earth

Men’s Health has proclaimed full-fat cheese, of all things, the king of snacks. Sounds crazy, right? After all, cheese is often the first thing to go on a low-fat diet. It’s high in fat and makes its oily presence known on pizza, cheeseburgers and other enemies of the weight loss war. Still, there is a strong case for eating full-fat cheese.

Cheese is satisfying

Alan Aragon, the Men’s Health Weight-Loss Coach, says his clients actually see a reduction in appetite when they mindfully eat flavorful varieties of cheese. The protein/fat combo plus truly unique flavors and an endless array of choices could really make full-fat cheese a dieter’s best friend.

Lack of taste means lack of interest

Following the mantra of low-fat dairy gets you “mass-produced, vacuum-sealed cheeses” which result in loss of taste and eventually loss of interest. Especially for the foodies among us. And what is the real difference anyway? 20-30 calories in most cases. Plus, you are never going to get an aged Gouda or a truly tart Greek feta in a reduced fat version.

Our advice: Invest in an affordable kitchen scale and weigh each piece of cheese, aiming for a 1-ounce serving (about 100 calories) to start. Enjoy with some crisp veggies or fresh fruit.  Try the cheese menu at your favorite restaurant instead of a sugary dessert.

The bottom line: Put cheese back on the menu.


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