Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt due in Lahore

Two of Bollywood’s production icons, Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt, are due in the city this week to attend the second annual dinner of a fashion magazine, sources from the fashion industry told Daily Times.

The Depilex Vision has arranged the exclusive event, and the country’s top fashionistas and Lollywood stars are likely to grace the occasion. The sources said the celebrations are a part of broader interaction with South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation countries and to promote the fashion industry in the region.

In their three-day stay in Lahore, both Mr and Ms Bhatt will meet a number of people from the showbiz and the fashion world.

Last year, father Mahesh and daughter Pooja visited Pakistan and attended the Kara International Film Festival held in Karachi. Mr Bhatt and his daughter had long been striving for promoting friendly relations through films between the people of the two countries. In December 2003, Ms Bhatt’s debut directorial effort, the film ‘Paap’, was the first Indian movie to premiere at the Kara International Film Festival in Karachi. Now Mr Bhatt also plans to produce films that would enhance interpersonal contacts between the two countries.

Since Mr Bhatt aims to bring artists from both countries together in joint film productions based on common themes, he has teamed up with a London-based film producer Sevy Ali of Asian Pictures International to produce a Bollywood film starring actress Meera. Mr Bhatt will also write the script of the movie. Mr Bhatt is also working on some projects with Pakistani actress-turned-director Samina Peerzada. Both Mr Bhatt and Ms Peerzada had detailed meetings in Karachi, when Mr Bhatt came there in December last year. Sources said in this “peace through films” move, Indian actress Nandita Das would also play an important role. Ms Das had also visited Pakistan last year.

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