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Meera’s big break in Indian films?

Meera surprised the Lollywood wallas recently when she flew back from Mumbai disclosing that she is acting in Mahesh Bhatt’s movie, Nazar Ke Saamne. Clad in a flaming red sari, Meera looked radiant (and also quite Indian), as she made a surprise public appearance at a music album launch.

Mumbai has taken time warming up to the dusky damsel, perhaps because they have quite a few of their own. According to an industry insider, Meera had certain problems initially with regard to her character in the film that marks her debut in Bollywood. It is said that the role which was narrated to her was that of a deaf and mute girl. But Meera being Meera, wanted more glamour in it. So, she requested Bhatt senior to make certain changes, and in return she promised him her ‘complete co-operation’.

Back after a fortnight stay in India where she completed her solo shots in the film, the mystery surrounding the leading guy who would star opposite her remains unsolved. The mole reveals that her role is a small one, thus there is slight confusion here about her playing the lead in the film. From John Abraham to Dino Morea to a lesser-known Ashish Patel (remember the bespectacled guy in the recent Bollywood hit Murder?), the list becomes irrelevant then.

But, Meera is happy, as far as she has the Bhatt camp supporting her all the way. What exactly is the truth of the matter? One will just have to settle down and wait till (and there’s a big if here) the flick hits local movie screens.

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