Make Any Drink a Summer Refresher

In the days of summer, nothing is more refreshing than a cool drink. Get creative with beverages blended with ice, garnished with mint and lemon, and with refreshing fruit on the side.

On hot days, keep your poolside drinks light and refreshing. While you don’t want to overdo dairy drinks in the summer, the exception is fruit smoothies, which are great in the summer, especially if made with light yogurt or tofu and lots of fruit

  • Add sparkling water – Replace all or half of the water in any drink – lemonade, limeade or even Kool-Ade mixes – with sparkling water .
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge or a mint sprig -It’s true what they say: A mint leaf can’t be left alone. Placed at the edge of any tall, icy drink, a mint sprig is just begging to be the added boost of refreshment.  And a lemon wedge or slice hung onto the side of a glass makes any drink look and taste special.
  • Blend it with ice -Concentrated lemonade, iced tea, apple juice, grape juice or any drink mix can be mixed with ice cubes and water and blended into a refreshing, frozen concoction.

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