Makeup After Facial

Makeup After Facial

Makeup After FacialMakeup must be applied after 12-13 hours of facial. It is crucial to let the skin settle down after the facial redness and skin burning sensation. Also the skin must be nourished utterly, relaxed and re-energized before any other cosmetic application.

Facial cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Post facial, skin is able to breathe naturally as all undesirables such as blackheads, pimples and dead skin are removed from the face. Hence, it is best not to apply any makeup as least 12 hours after the facial.

Allow the Redness on the Skin to Sink
Facial is a step by step procedure for rejuvenating the skin. The first step is to clean the skin followed by the massage and steaming through the steam vapor in order to soften the skin and open the facial pores. Next is the extraction of blackheads and pimples. This particular step involves pushing the skin pores to pull out the puss in the pimples as well as to take out the blackheads that are little bumps entrenched into the pores of the skin. This step of extraction irritates the skin quite a lot and it is shown through the redness on the face. Finally the facial mask is applied in the end.

The pores become clean after the facial but the redness becomes too prominent. The facial redness states that skin in still not fully healed up and is not ready for any further cosmetic application. For this reason makeup must be applied only after the redness is settled down.

Permit the Skin to Absorb the Goodies of the Facial Mask
The extraction step in the facial is followed by applying face mask. The ingredients used for making the mask helps to unclog the pores thereby enhance the blood circulation. The increased flow of blood deep inside the skin tightens the pores and nourishes the skin. As a result leaves the skin toned, glowing and refreshed. After the mask is washed off with plain water it is highly recommended not to rub the skin too much instead pat dry it gently with soft towel. Also, it is suggested not to further apply any makeup for next 12 hours because the ingredients of the mask that penetrates within the skin needs some time to be absorbed fully and respond positively with the skin. When makeup is applied on the face soon after the facial is over, the cosmetics used for makeup blocks the pores again and the assenting effects of facial are yet to be realized.

Let the Skin Breathe and Relax Scrupulously
Facial skin goes through a lot of trauma everyday. Facial is relaxing but the redness and slight burning sensation is too much for the skin to tolerate. Once these two after effects of facial settles down skin entails a short time to breathe freely and relax to feel fresh. Subsequent to these crucial 12-13 hours skin is yet again geared up for the taking makeup or any other cosmetic application. One most important point to be kept into consideration is to rub ice gently on the face before applying makeup. It ensures the pores are close again and skin is clean to get going.

Makeup certainly enhances the beauty but from outside while facial take good care of skin from internally as well as externally. Thereby it is wise to garner the proceeds of facial first and apply makeup later. Do not hurry for makeup soon after facial. Rest verdict lies in your hand!


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