5 Makeup Tips to Keep Your Face Safe

5 Makeup Tips to Keep Your Face Safe

 5 Makeup Tips to Keep Your Face Safe Makeup can cover up an unsightly blemish or give you that extra sparkle for a big date. We all are guilty of owning some type of beauty products whether it s simply lip gloss and some mascara or a whole box full of colorful eye shadows, blushes, and lips sticks. While makeup often can help you look great, it can also turn your face into a nightmare full of bacteria, infection, acne, and other skin and face related infections. Keeping your skin healthy can be as easy as following these tips for safe makeup use.

1. Throw away your old makeup. –

You don’t drink spoiled milk, you wouldnot use rotten vegetables to make dinner, why on earth would you want to use old makeup on your precious skin? Every time you open and use your makeup you expose it to air and bacteria. Over time the bacteria grows and your makeup is no longer healthy for you to use. Some common signs that its time to toss your make up visual changes in the color and consistency or your makeup; and a foul or strong scent that was not there when you first opened it.

2. Wash your hands. –
Would you grab a paper town off the ground and wipe your face off with it? Not washing your hands before applying makeup, especially if you use your fingers as a application tool, is a lot like doing that. Not only are do your fingers have natural oils in them that can create breakouts and other skin inflictions, but they also come in contact with germs on a regular basis.

3. Start with a clean slate. –

If you âre in the habit of not washing your face at night or in the morning before you put your makeup on, youre putting yourself in danger of breakouts, black heads, and blocked and expanding pores. Take five second to think about what happens when you don0t wash your face before you apply makeup. If your face is dirty and youâre applying foundation to your skin, you âre basically trapping dirt inside your pores only to be covered by more dirt and oil later in the day.

4. Keep Everything Sanitary –

Okay, so there may be mornings when youâre running late and the last thing on your mind is whether or not your put your eye shadow brush away before you shut the coffee pot off and ran out to work or class. Occasionally not putting your makeup away properly is not going to cause you any major grief, but leaving brushes out, liquid foundations open, and eyeliners uncapped is only going to add maximize the amount of bacteria that will grow in them. The more bacteria that you allow to make its way into your precious beauty tools, the more likely you are to have major skin problems down the road.

5. Communal Make up is a No No! –

Would you borrow your friends contacts if you forgot yours? How about her toothbrush? Chances are, unless you and your buddy are super close, your answer to both those questions were resounding nos. Why then would you offer out your lip gloss or mascara? Not only do you run the simple risk of catching a cold, but when sharing eye makeup you can contract a nasty eye infection like pink eye. If your friend begs you to borrow your make up you may want to think about letting her keep it and just buying yourself some new beauty supplies.


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