Excess Mineral Make Up

Excess Mineral Make Up

Excess Mineral Make UpMineral makeup cosmetics is one of the popular trend lately. When compared with ordinary makeup, mineral makeup does have some advantages.

These cosmetics are made from finely powdered mineral, and derived from natural ingredients that improve skin appearance and also protects from kekusaman.Berikut are some differences in mineral make-up with regular make-up:

Mineral makeup does not clog pores

Pure minerals contained in it is able to cover the skin and provides long lasting protection. Make up can be used for any skin type, including sensitive skin types.

protect the skin

Skin every day exposed to dust and dirt. This can cause oxidative damage and lead to premature aging. The content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in mineral makeup can protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Mineral makeup Displays the natural beauty

Mineral make-up will give the final result that can cover the shortfall, unlike other makeup. Make up with such a thick formula will easily reinforce the foundation lines of the skin, so that the polish was not optimal. But a mixture of mineral makeup that is lightweight and easy mingling with beautiful skin will make the perfect order.

How to use Mineral makeup
To use, mineral make up is slightly different from the others. This product should be applied with a brush, rotary brush, tap-tap the brush to reduce the excessive makeup. Then brush on the skin evenly. Another advantage of using mineral make up is dependent on thickness of the brush is used. So you do not have to worry if you teralu thick makeup.


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