Makeup and Hair Trends for 2011

Color, Color and more Color!

Forget your safe black – from bold graphic blocks of colour to acid washes it’s all go, loud and in all textures, from glossy to cream to matt to even chalky. It’s not about subtlety either, it’s bold and confident on eyes, lips and cheeks, nails.

Glitter and seventies disco revival

Don’t shy away from this trend – it’s here to stay and see the year out. One tone, two tone glitter – it’s out in a vast array of colours on the lids and under the eyes. Brows take a back seat here and coloured glitter steals the limelight. Think Seventies, Studio 54, and disco glitter glamour. Again, no half measures do it loud and make us proud.

Art attack

Makeup and hair join up to get creative with makeup merging with hair in different textures from liquids to creams to glitters. Treat your face and hair and body as an open canvas and see how creative you dare to go.

Inner highlight

Makeup artists always highlight the inner corners of eyes to bring them out and accentuate them. 2011 is all about this vital area of the face, but putting a different twist on it. Keeping in the theme of colour for next year, try highlighting in different colours, it’s creative and cool.

Neutral sculpting

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