Dip Dye hair color trend 2012

Dip-Dye Hair Color

Dip-dye hair color has been trendy for a couple years now and with the number of celebrities who are still Dip Dye hair color trend 2012sporting this color trend on the rise, it seems this trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. It has become a modern hair accessory.

Dip-dye basically means to dye parts of your hair another color. Bright hues, pastels and the popular “ombré” gradient shading are all popular hair colors. I particularly love it when a brunette lightens the ends just a bit in an ombré effect that’s super popular right now .

You can get this look in a variety of ways. You can do it yourself, have a pro do it or use a less permanent solution via clip-in extensions, Kool-Aid mixes (yes, you read that correctly) or spray color.

If you do decide to go the more permanent dip-dye route, consider that if you have dyed hair or dark hair, you will likely have to bleach the hair that will be colored first. This can be harsh on your hair. If you are naturally blonde, you may be able to dye without bleaching.


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