Mung Dal – Now The Best Body Scrub!

Mung Dal – Now The Best Body Scrub!

Mung Dal Now The Best Body ScrubWhen it comes to skin care, we try as much as possible to go ahead with natural ingredients. It is not only safe for the skin, but also helps us in the cost! There are a number of beauty products in the market, which promises to keep away those ugly pimples and scars, but is it a necessity to believe in them?

The use of dal, is now proved to be best for body and skin care. During the monsoon and summer season, one needs to exfoliate the skin, so that it remains supple. Here is the best home remedies for the body and skin care, ‘dal’!

Have you heard of Mung dal? It is believed to be a good and natural body scrub, which takes away all that dead skin from your body.

Below stated are some ways, where you can use the mung dal as a natural body scrub.

NOTE – The mung dal, has to be ground finely in the mixer. Make sure that the powder is fine. If rough, grind the flour with cornflour!

1.This mung dal body scrub can be used for sensitive skin. Mix the flour with a little amount of honey and apply to the face and body. When dry, rub gently with a warm cotton cloth, before you bathe. (Pour a little milk over your body, before you take a shower)

2.You can mix the mung dal powder with homemade ghee. Massage your body with the contents in an upward direction. It is said that ghee, helps your body to keep the body supple while the grains of the powder help to get rid of the dead skin on the body.

3.If you are concerned about the smell. You can mix the mung dal with that of ground rose petal or tulsi leaves. When you apply this natural body scrub, your skin is smooth, soft and thus emits a natural enticing body odor!


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