PFDC From racks to ramps

PFDC and voile shows

PFDC From racks to rampsPFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week had many new features to offer to fashion enthusiasts. Myriad elements worked together in perfect sync this time around to make PFDC one of the most significant fashion platforms in the country. In a nutshell, this year’s event was not just a fashion showcase it was a 360o experiential programme.

The expo outside the sitting area had stalls with all the collections ready to be viewed with prices available in Pakistani Rupee, USD and Euros, while on the other hand, Cosa Nostra, considered to be one of the best eating places in Lahore, had its kiosk available in the vicinity; hence it’s safe to say that the event was a treat for one’s eyes as well as one’s taste buds.

Another notable feature added to the mix this time around was the inclusion of voile shows as part of fashion week. Recently, the fad for lawn outfits has given Pakistani economy a lot of activity to handle. From textile giants, that are trying to up’ the lawn game by bringing Bollywood actors on board to advertising agencies, which are trying to find innovative ways to keep Pakistani women interested in this fabric, everyone is part of this hype around this summer staple.

The two voile shows were presented in-between the four days of fashion week. Apart from Karma, the rest of the line-up included Lala Textiles, Sitara Lawn and Nimsay on the first day and Ittehad, Sadia’s Designer Lawn and Lakhany Lawn on the second day. The fact that these invisible companies finally decided to come out and present their collections on the ramp was commendable.

One positive thing that came out of PFDC was that these textile houses got exposed to high street fashion and also got to learn about cuts and designs that can be taken to the masses. Fashion weeks are all about educating the audience and that is what PFDC is trying to do by putting up these voile shows.


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