PFDC 2012 Trend roundup

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trend roundup

PFDC 2012 Trend roundup

If there is one thing that Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 has done, it is that it has managed to prove to both local and international audiences that it is truly one of the most significant fashion platforms in the country.

From the stalls set up outside displaying all the collections with their prices available in PKR, USD and Euros to the food kiosks and overall ambience and energy, every element of the show was stellar and well-planned.

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trends

In terms of fashion, the show left us all in a hue of not only some great collections but also some notable trends to follow. From the hemlines going up to the stylish palazzo pants, this season has witnessed a significant change in fashion trends.

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trends #1 Sequins

Bling was the name of the game in past seasons and diamante, zardozi and crystal work were every designer’s favourite embellishment. However, the trend has changed this season. This year, local and international designers have focused their attention on sequins. Designers such as Elan, Muse, Tazeen Hasan and Karma have all moved away from diamantes and zari to sequins in order to add glitz and glam to their collections.

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trends #2 Textiles versus embellishments

Although we absolutely love bling and over the top embellishments, it’s about time we give it a rest, at least in pret wear. At the PFDC, it was refreshing to see prints make a comeback and a greater emphasis was laid on textiles rather than the embellishment that adorns the fabric.

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trends #3 Drainpipe shalwars

While the shalwar has been missing in action for a few years, it made a significant comeback at the PFDC this year. Designers like Karma, Akif Mahmood and Kamiar Rokni all experimented with the shalwar, from skinny drainpipe shalwars to looser fits. While we can’t go patiyala with our shalwars just yet, it is fun to know that they can be eased into the summer wardrobe once again.

PFDC Fashion week 2012 Trends #4 Palazzo pants

It seems that the massive craze of the chooridar pyjamas has faded just a bit, to give way to the looser garment — palazzo pants. Almost every designer collection showcased at PFDC, carried its own version of the pants. From chatta patti pants to heavily textured or embellished ones, it seems this season has a pair of palazzos for everyone.


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