Pizza Hut Chicken festival deal

Pizza Hut Chicken Festival 2013

Pizza Hut Chicken festival deal
Pizza Hut, known for its exciting offers & fantastic food, introduces the ‘Chicken Festival’ after pretending on their facebook page that chickens hacked it( Nice marketing). Presenting the customers with the opportunity to pick and choose from a wide variety of chicken delights. The Chicken Festival kicked off in all outlets across Pakistan.

Pizza Hut Chicken festivalWith the ‘Chicken Festival’, Pizza Hut brings back the customer’s most loved chicken dishes. One can choose from an array of chicken appetizers, chicken pizzas and chicken pastas.

The roasted almond Chicken Tikka pizza, Shanghai Chicken, BBQ chicken, Creamy chicken soup, Garlic bread premium platter ( with assorted toppings) & Fettucine alfredo are the dishes that feature in this special menu.

The Chicken Festival Party Box Deal includes:

  • 2 Creamy Chicken Soup,
  • 2 potato wedges portion,
  • 6 pieces Garlic bread premium platter,
  • 1 Fettucine alfredo,
  • 2 regular pizzas and
  • 1.5 ltr pepsi

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