Indoor water fountain as air purifier

Replace Your Air Purifier With a Water Fountain

It does not matter if you are single and live alone, or if you have a family with a baby or young children, Indoor water fountain as air purifierindoor air quality should always be a concern. Even a clean home that is extremely well-kept has dust, pet dander and other particles constantly circulating through the air and the duct work  which can aggravate allergies and asthma.

As more people became aware years ago that indoor air could easily be as polluted as outdoor air, the sales of air purifiers went through the roof. Well, today there is the same concern, but a better solution; wall fountains.

How Wall Fountains Clean the Air

If you are like most others, you probably find it very surprising that a beautiful water fountain can actually be so beneficial. Is it really possible that cascading water can clean the air you breathe? Absolutely!

These electric appliances work by releasing negative ions into a closed atmosphere, which in return cleans airborne particles that are positively charged, thereby cancelling them out. Believe it or not, those same negative ions are generated every second that a fountain is operating. Therefore, as you are enjoying the beautiful appearance and the serene sound that your water fountain makes, it is actually making the air you breathe healthier at the same time.

Why Choose a Water Fountain Instead of a Purifier?

  • Beauty – There is nothing captivating about a traditional air purifier. They certainly do not double as art by any means, and in some exquisitely decorated spaces, they can really be a huge distraction. A water fountain is primarily a piece of art; it just happens to offer some fantastic benefits.
  • Cost of Operation – Replacing filters in an air purifier is incredibly expensive. Wall fountains obviously have no filters to replace, so there is never anything to buy. Even if you have an air purifier with a washable filter, this likely has to be taken care of fairly frequently. An indoor wall fountain rarely has to be cleaned more than twice a year.
  • Additional Benefits – An air purifier offers no additional benefits. It is made to clean the air and that is all it does. A water fountain brings beauty to a space and creates a tranquil environment. Plus, it can act as a sound barrier to outside noise without becoming a distraction. The sound of an air purifier running is often a distraction on its own.


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