Makeup Rules

Pre Eid Makeup Rules

Makeup RulesTo help you look great there’s always make-up, but you need to know how to wear them accordingly. Wearing the right make-up depending on the occasion is important, if not you could end up looking over dressed or otherwise. It is therefore important that you follow a few golden make-up rules. However, disasters are bound to make-up happen, but you might avoid them entirely.

Learn how to apply the right kind of makeup for Eid or wedding  is important. You may need a few make-up skills, which may issue be brought by a few days of practice. Here are a few simple make-up rules to follow, you look good at all times, without even a visit to the beauty salon is.

• Never go over the limit – as I said, it’s always good that you do not overdo your make-up. This includes everything right from the basics such as foundation, blues, lipstick, eye shadow and all that you plan to use. Their attempt is to look real and beautiful, not artificial, and porcelain. Choose from colors that wok well with you, you dress and the season.

• Try using false eyelashes – If you lashes that are not nearly there then have a better solution would be to use, false eyelashes. It is not only Doll you but give you an extra glamorous look, this is certainly compliment you. The best length is 3.57, the eyelashes, you are on the corner of the eye with a touch of mascara you can use ready for the night.

• If you add small lip beautiful lips lot of glamor, even if you do not apply to allMake-up. But not everyone is equipped with beautiful lush lips, if you could look at your thin lips look fuller you always want to rely on make-up. Use a good lip liner for an overview of your lips, fill it with lipstick, the shadow corresponds to the outline. For a pout dust some gold or bronze dust in the middle.

• Customizing give a dimension to the face – apply with the “T” from the forehead to the foundation, then use a few drops on the cheek and mix well. You might some highlight your cheekbones blush later.

Here are a few practical tips to apply your makeup.

• Start with the basic make-up • Choose a foundation color that is one shade lighter than your skin color.

• Glare-du Foundation omit good spots and patches. You could get your blush brush so. Add glamor to your eyes flash with eyelashes, mascara and eye shadow. Apply your lipstick last, but choose one that matches what you are wearing.

• Lipstick colors that are in rage this season are plums and roses. • Keep colors to a minimum, too many colors to make exaggerated and like a clown.

• Always take a second opinion on how you look, you might sister, brother, mother or husband.


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