Pyar Tune Kya Kia

So Bollywood’s version of Fatal Attraction has finally arrived – but does Pyar Tune Kya Kia match up to the original? Find out how Urmila and Fardeen rate.

THE young pair star in the new Hindi film Pyar Tune Kya Kia, director Ram Gopal Verma’s remake of the 1987 classic Hollywood thriller about a married man who is stalked by his ex-lover.

Fardeen plays Jai, a fashion photographer who is on the look out for a fresh face to launch a new magazine. Whilst on a shoot in Goa, he comes across a sexy young thing by the name of Ria (Urmila), whom he snaps and uses as a cover girl.

Ria is reluctant at first. Then, as Jai becomes her friend she is slowly persuaded by him to model. She falls in love with Jai in the naive belief that he is also in love with her. However, her world falls apart when she discovers he is actually married to Geeta (Sonali Kulkarni).

From here the love story takes a dark twist with Ria displaying psychotic tendencies, hounding Jai day and night and going to extreme lengths to destroy his marriage. Is Geeta jealous of Ria? Does Jai have an extra-marital affair with Ria? Does Ria succeed in forcing Jai and Geeta apart? All these questions and more are answered … but you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Pyar Tune Kya Kia got a positive reaction when it was released in India a couple of weeks ago, and the recent arrest of lead actor Fardeen Khan for possession of illegal drugs has perversely seen a resurgence of interest in the film.

While Fardeen puts in an admirable performance as the unsuspecting victim, it is Urmila who steals the show with her histrionics and psychotic actions as a vulnerable-model-turned-stalker.

Despite supporting some suspect facial expressions and haircuts, she manages to convince the audience of her character’s explosive and mentally unstable nature, whilst making the audience feel sorry for her.

Sonali Kulkarni, last seen in Mission Kashmir opposite Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan, puts in a stylish portrayal as the hard done by wife who is pushed to the limit by a woman hell-bent on destroying her happy marriage.

While Pyar Tune Kya Kia is not a complete remake of Fatal Attraction since it misses some of the Hollywood version’s key features (notably the sex and bunny boiling), it does manage to maintain the audiences interest in the story line and the three main characters.

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