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Quit Smoking A Helping Hand

Quit Smoking A Helping Hand

Quit Smoking A Helping HandIf you’re trying to quit smoking at the moment, then you’ll know just how hard it is. There is no magic trick to give up, but there are little things that you can help yourself with.

1) Relax. One of the things that happens when you quit smoking is that you get stressed as your body is suffering symptoms of addiction. If you feel as though you’re stressed, then there are several ways that you can calm yourself down, some of which are listed below:

– Exercise. Jogging or even walking can be great; or why not join a dance class?

– Have a bath. A warm bath can be very relaxing and might help you to calm down a little bit.

– Meditate. This can help a lot, and if you sit quietly and take some deep breaths it might help you.

2) Use motivational photos. Think about why you’re quitting. It is for your children? Your partner? Did a loved one die from a smoking related disease? Did your skin look so much better before you started smoking? Whatever your motivation might be, you should place some motivational photographs around your house to help you through the day. You could put one on your front door so that if you’re tempted to go to buy some cigarettes from the shop you will think twice when you see that photo. The other amazing place is your purse/wallet. That way, if you do have a lapse of judgement, you will have to look at the photo before you pay for them, meaning that it might remind you just why you’re giving up before it’s too late.

3) Save your money. If you think about how much money you have wasted on cigarettes in the past then this should help you to see why it makes so much sense to give up. For a month, place any money that you would have spent on cigarettes into a jar and see just how much money is in there by the end of the month.


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