Salma Azfar

Salma Azfar

Salma AzfarThose, who had seen only PTV and STN to contend themselves with in childhood, must surely be aware of who Salma Azfar is and how she entered show business. Making her way on screen in a children’s show titled ‘Kid’s Club’ that was shown on STN every Sunday morning, Salma (then Salma Ali) was a sweetheart for the kids who waited to see her every Sunday.

It was during her early days as a TV artist when she got an offer to be a part of Shehzad Roy’s video ‘Woh Larki Kitni Sundar Thi’ and acted in the dramas ‘Dhoop Main Sawan’, directed by Mehreen Jabbar, and ‘Hum Se Juda Na Hona’.

After her marriage to director, comedian and actor Azfar Ali, many thought that Salma had left showbiz but she made a comeback in her husband’s directed sitcom ‘Sab Set Hai’ (Indus Vision), which got immensely popular among the younger audiences.

Lately, she has acted in the drama serial ‘Vasl’ (Hum TV) and ‘Aania’ (TV One). She has also set up a production company with her husband called ‘Kolachi Films’. After giving birth to her first child she gradually disappears from on screen but involved in production work every now and then.

Azfar Ali with Wife Salma

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