Simple steps to stop bad breath

Simple steps to stop bad breath

Eat a healthy breakfast with rough foods. We all know how important breakfast is but making sure we eat the Simple steps to stop bad breathright kind of food can help too, rough material help clean the very back of the tongue and ensure the residue is cleared.

When you clean your teeth make sure you don’t neglect that tongue of yours. Use a tongue scraper or buy a toothrush with one already built it to the back of the head. This will help to reduce the bacterial biofilm which causes all the unpleasantness.

Gargling before bedtime is said to reduce halitosis for hours and helps combat that unappealing morning breath. Get gargling.

Maintaining a high standard or oral hygiene is a big factor. Brushing your teeth twice daily, before your first meal and after your last with a good quality toothbrush like a recommended Tepe Standard Toothbrush really makes a difference.

Last but not least, keep hydrated. By drinking lots of water throughout the day your mouth will stay moist, fresh and as beautiful as can be.

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