Cambridge Diet Meal Plan

Cambridge Diet Meal Plan

Cambridge Diet Meal Plan

Your daily diet when on Cambridge Diet varies depending on which plan you’re put on. Some of the plans can only be done for a few weeks or months, others can be done long term, but with each stage you come closer to a normal, long term diet.

Step one (415 – 615kcal daily)

This plan is called Sole Source, where you have three or four Cambridge Diet products a day, and that’s it. Sole Source Plus is a different version of this step. For that plan, you have three Cambridge Diet products and one normal meal of around 200 calories, or four products and 200ml of skimmed milk.

Step two (810 kcals daily)
Three weight plan products, plus protein rich food such as skimmed milk and some vegetables.

Step three (1000 kcals daily)
Two diet products, milk, breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner.

Step four (1200 kcals daily)
Two diet products, skimmed milk and a calorie controlled lunch and dinner.

Step five (1500 kcals daily)
One diet product, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. You’ll be given meal suggestions.

Step six
This is the long-term, maintenance phase. You have one diet product a day, but will be given suggestions for a healthy, balanced diet.

The Cambridge Diet site is full of testimonies from people who have dropped from a dress size of 20 to 12 and even losing half of their body weight!

Plus Points 
The weight loss can be sudden and quite dramatic. Plus, the meals are all nutritionally balanced so you can be sure you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need. Also, with the consultant helping you along, you’ll know when you know you’re in good hands.

There’s a fair few side effects to the Cambridge Diet. Initially, you might have bad breath, a dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, nausea and constipation (due to a lack of carbs and fibre). Replacing meals with shakes and soups can also be tricky if you don’t like the taste, and it can be pretty anti-social.

Celebrity fans
TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger went on the diet after she put on weight and was really happy with the results!


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