Bad breath Natural remedies

The typical diet and hygiene practices of the people nowadays have brought about certain health problems Simple steps to stop bad breathsuch as bad breath. Also known as “halitosis”, this condition can be very embarrassing on your part and is an ultimate turn off when it comes to dealing socially in an individual’s everyday life. If your job deals with customer relations and if you’re just simply an outgoing person by heart, then bad breath should be something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The innovative world has constantly bombarded the world with synthetic and potentially dangerous cures for halitosis. But why don’t you try it the natural way? There are already several proven bad breath herbal remedies that are currently being used worldwide.

There are many natural herbal remedies that will help you alleviate or completely eradicate this condition. Even if the bad breath is just due to an intense & strong smelling meal that you just ate or if you have been suffering from halitosis, there are always natural ways for you to help fight this problem. The good thing about these herbal remedies is that you don’t have to suffer for any undue side effects that can bring potential harm to your health.

Almost all green and leafy vegetables help in the prevention of unpleasant breath. The main secret lies within its chlorophyll content which naturally freshens your breath. You might want to consider altering your diet and substantially increasing the amount of greens that you include in your diet daily. So the greener your plate is, the better are your chances of achieving the desired results!

Here are some common herbal remedies for bad breath:
• Parsley. Parsley is one of the common herbs that can be found in your dish either as a garnish or to add extra flavor to it. Traditionally, parsley has been used as a breath freshener after meals. A good thing about this herb is that it works instantly. Be sure to include parsley on your grocery list or don’t forget to munch on it when you’re dining in a restaurant.

• Cilantro. Cilantro has similar properties to parsley. You can even juice it out and make it into a more manageable drink.

• Mint. Through the years, mint has been popularly known to sweeten a person’s breath. This herb has already been incorporated in a lot of food products nowadays like in ice creams, candies and bubble gums. The best way to take advantage of the herb’s properties would be to chew on it or you can even make your own mint juice out of its leaves.

• Ginger. Herbal teas can also be great remedies for bad breath. Ginger makes good teas and as well as cinnamon and peppermint. Green teas naturally eliminate bacteria in your mouth and adding along peppermint or cinnamon would be a great way to get that fresh breath.

Cleansing your colon would also be a good way to eradicate bad breath since most of the food residues are stored in that area. Herbs that aid in digestion include rhubarb, resin, aloe vera and senna leaves.


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