Soha is a night bird!

Soha Ali KhanSoha Ali Khan was recently in the news for her shockingly dare bare photoshoot for a leading fashion magazine. It had taken all by surprise who thought Soha was just a simple girl leaving next door types who can never dare to go glam and show skin for a photoshoot. But Soha did it all and with aplomb. But the surprises about this talented sister of Saif Ali Khan don’t end here.

A close friend of the ‘Rang De Basanti’ girl revealed to us, “Soha is actually quiet a night bird. She just can’t go to sleep at normal night time like majority of us at all. When the whole world on this side of the planet is snoring the insomniac Soha just goes and sits and in front of her TV along with her huge collection of DVDs and watches them till she feels too tired and it is finally time to sleep! If you think going by her simple image that her mega collection of DVDs must be majorly of mushy romantic films or comedies then you are mistaken. Soha actually has this huge collection of DVDs consisting only of Hollywood creepy horror flicks and thrillers.”

Love for creepy thrillers…a bindaas photoshoot in lingere…well one wonders what more surprises are in store from Soha ahead!.

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