Special Skin Care During Pregnancy

Special Skin Care During Pregnancy

Special Skin Care During PregnancyPregnancy is an exciting time in anyone’s life, for both the mother and the father. Once the mother moves past that tedious “morning sickness” phase (though some mothers just never do!) they have a beautiful, radiant pregnant glow – though that doesn’t mean that they still can’t use some special products for skin care during pregnancy.

As every pregnant woman knows, what she puts in and on to her body may very well be passed to her growing baby, which raises a lot of concern when a pregnant woman considers using some of the more conventional products on the market. Read the back of any bottle of body moisturizer and you will find a host of unnatural, lab-created ingredients that have not even been tested on unborn baby’s yet!

So what does this mean for the expecting mother? Use as natural a product on your skin as possible. Though there are not all too many different brands out there trying to peddle the pregnancy skin care lines, there are a couple out there that are taking great measures to make products that are safe for both mother and baby. One of these brands that have taken this step is “Belli Skincare”.

Belli Skincare is a great product line for women to use during those 9 ½ months of pregnancy, though it is particularly wise for women who are breastfeeding to use it, and to also use these products on their newborns and toddlers. Belli was founded in 2002 by Doctors Jason and Annette Rubin. Their goal: to create skincare products that are made of organic, holistic, non toxic, dye and paraben free ingredients that offer health benefits. What they aim to do is to reduce any ill effects on the fetus that our more conventional products may unknowingly be causing. Birth defects are on the rise, and many scientists are pointing their fingers at the products that mothers use during pregnancy.

Basq is another great brand for both pregnant women and babies to use. Basq covers almost all skin care issues, ranging from rashes to blemishes to swelling and even stretch marks. One of their most renowned products is the “Energizing Body Lotion”, a product that many pregnant women claim has helped them make it through both their pregnancy and the few months after the birth of their baby.

If you are looking for an extremely natural moisturizer, try rubbing some extra virgin olive oil into your skin after your bath or shower. Olive oil is also a great alternative to baby oil once your baby is born.

Good skin care during pregnancy also involves eating a proper diet. No matter what the craving of the day may be, always aim to drink lots of water and to eat a fair helping of fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, such as brown rice and whole wheat toast, are also healthy and fantastic alternatives to white or bleached grain products. Beans and other legumes are also great choices for pregnant women, as many pregnant women have reported not having an aversion to them especially when cooked well.

Speak to your doctor or midwife for some more great tips on how you can keep you skin beautiful and glowing without using nay potentially harmful beauty products.


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