Stay Young with Anti Aging Facial Exercise

Anti Aging facial ExerciseWhile aging is unavoidable, it is always possible to hold back the speed of aging. Apparently, there are plenty of options you can choose from to fight aging. While a cosmetic procedure such as; face lift surgery, eyelid lift surgery, forehead face lift, etc, is a possible option to look younger, an anti aging exercise may be the best help to reverse the effects of aging.

Whether the anti aging exercises are really effective is really debatable but most of the fingers point towards the positive side. In fact, it is the consistency of exercise than the type that matters.

To remain and look young anti aging exercises are said to have a role. As per medical researches, the person who does not exercise puts on weight by more than 25%, the fat content gets doubled and the aerobic capacity decrease by 11%.

Anti aging exercises:

Laughter is the best way to relax a face from tension. In addition to the above, the following exercises can be used to tone the face muscles, improve circulation of blood and give radiant complexion:

Facial exercises

  • Scrunch up the face, as the forehead wrinkled, mouth and eyes are tightly closed and nose is wrinkled. One should keep the eyes and mouth open. After that close the mouth, purse the lips and take the mouth up to the right and to the left. Thereafter open the eyes and grin ear to ear, again grin from ear to ear, but now tuck in chin to tighten the neck muscles.

Other Facial exercises

  • For forehead

A routine exercise for forehead is necessary instead of getting a forehead lift. Here’s how to do the exercise:

Bring eyebrows over the eyes with the help of fingers and pull them in this procedure and lift eyebrows during opening the eyes. After first step, lie on bed comfortably, see ceiling for a few minutes and lift eyebrows upward with open eyes. Take rest for some time and do this activity for about 8-10 times.

  • For eyes

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