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Know The Symptoms of Aging

Know The Symptoms of Aging

Hearing the word aging, which is often pictured is a skin condition that starts sagging and wrinkles. In fact, the exact meaning of aging is the decrease of the functions of the organs of the body. As we get older, the aging process continues to happen, but we often do … Read more

For Great Complexion and Reduced Wrinkles

To help sort through the millions of skincare products on the market today, read about the four basic tips for a great complexion to help you define your skincare needs. Today there are many products on the market to keep skin looking young, fresh and healthy. The reality is that … Read more

Never Turn 30 with Ponds Age Miracle

The Pond’s Institute has spent years speaking with Asian women and listening to their beauty concerns. Through this research they know Asian women want help reducing specific signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. In response to this need and to help women maintain their best skin as they get older, the Pond’s Institute has continued to develop their breakthrough anti aging technology and can proudly offer Pond’s Age Miracle™ with Advanced CLA4 Complex.