Get Some Culottes This Monsoon; Capris out

culottes-this-monsoonMonsoon Season is just around the corner in Pakistan but there is no way that you are getting rid of the scorching heat any sooner. Summer is here to stay. To the great delight of Pakistani ladies, the dress wear this summer couldn’t be more comfortable matching well with the existing weather conditions.

Yes you guessed it right. Culottes, elephant pants and long loosely fitted shirts are defining the current fashion trends in Pakistan, whether it be the fashion runways or the streets. The best part is, its making clothes much more fun and comfortable for those of us not blessed with the perfect figures (well actually most of us). Not only are the A-line, below knee length shirts the best solution to hide those flabby abs , they make you look taller and much classier than the yester years favorite ‘short shirt” aka kurti.

And that brings me to the biggest crime that fashion police can arrest you for. “Short shirts”, “layered shalwars” or those body hugging “Capri’s” are soooooo 2005 material. Just get over them Ladies. Make your closets free of all that “done to death” stuff. Since the average height of Pakistani women is 5′ 2″ and my suggestion in this regard would be to keep the shirt length to maximum 43 inches for normal daily wear. If you go for greater lengths to look “super stylish

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