Steps to a Perfect Base

The best product that has hit the Indian market for giving you a light coverage is the ‘White Light’ by Face to Face, available in all leading cosmetic shops. This is suitable for all skin types. Another product is Oil of Ulay’s ‘White Beauty Fluid’ that gives a matte finish.

Procedure : After shaking the bottle/jar, dampen your cosmetic sponge with cool water and then squeeze dry. Apply the base on your cheeks and then with the sponge, sweep out to over your temples.

Work on the other cheek, forehead, chin and neck – part by part. Do not apply all over your face and neck by dabbing it all at once because :

You might apply more than you need and wiping it off will not only result in wastage but will also drag the skin unnecessarily.

Not everyone has an even skin tone. Some parts require more than the others.

Double-check your blending with the fingertips, being extra careful around eyes and nostrils.


For hiding spots, blotches and deeper discolouration, you need heavier concealers which should be firm-textured – neither too dry, nor too greasy to blend.

Procedure : Rub a little concealer on a firm, flat brush. Dab the concealer over spots and blotches. Wait for five minutes so that is adheres well to the base.

What varnish is to an oil painting, translucent powder is to the base. It seals, sets and fixes. Whilst it helps even out the tone, it absorbs any shine.

Procedure :

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