Cleaning your neck

Women spend so much time, energy and money vetting out the best in facial skincare yet often neglect the very body parts links that age first – neck, decollete and hands. The thin skin on these locations need extra rich moisture in order to stay supple. People don’t even clean the neck properly while bathing. It is said that a person’s age can almost be determined by observing the neck. So a regular care and hygiene for the neck is absolutely essential.

Make a habit of washing your neck while cleaning the face as comparatively more dirt is deposited on the neck. This can be done in a quick and easy way by rubbing the neck with a towel soaked in warm water.

A proper home-based stuff can be used for cleaning the neck while bathing. You could use any of these:

* Mixture of gram-flour (besan), unboiled milk, a pinch of turmeric powder.

* Mixture of curd and gram-flour in the ratio of 1:2

* Paste of black gram, after being soaked in water.

* Mixture of unboiled milk, barley flour and a few drops of lime juice.

* Paste of gram flour, a few drops of rose water and a little sandalwood powder and cream.

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